We believe that people were created to do things together (understanding that sometimes we need to be alone, of course). Society, community, fellowship, pastoral care are all things that are important to us and that we endeavour to foster in our church.

We get involved in our communities whenever we are able and help to raise much needed finance for several local charities.

Fellowship Meetings

We have a fellowship meeting that considers an aspect of living as a Christian and that meets around twice a month. This often involves studying the bible and prayer as well as a chance to talk over a cup of tea/coffee/etc.

Bridgwater Carnival

The annual carnival is a very important event for Bridgwater and to support it we open our church for refreshments and the loo (a much needed facility during Carnival night!). Our premises are also used for rehearsals for dancers involved in Carnival. You can find out more about Bridgwater Carnival at the official web site …

Tree Festival

Every year we celebrate Christmas with a tree festival. Local charities sponsor a tree and then we open the church to anyone who wants to come and see them.

Church Outing

Every year there is a summer outing to give us the chance to get to know each other better