We believe it is important that we grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. This means finding ways and opportunities to both learn more and apply what we have learned about life and how to live it. It is important to have values to live by and we believe Jesus offers us the best values you can find anywhere.

We also believe that it is important to nurture the soul and that this is best done by connecting with God.

Coffee Play Break

Friday mornings is our Coffee Play Break 10am till 12 noon. A chance for parents to meet up and talk over a cup of coffee/tea while children play in a safe environment.

Fellowship Group

We have a fellowship group that meets twice a month through most of the year.

Prayer Groups

There are two prayer groups. One meets once a week during the day and the other once a month in the evening.

Junior Church

We have a Junior Church (Sunday School) that meets on a Sunday morning during the morning worship. School age children use fun activities to discover what Christians believe. It is a non threatening and enjoyable way to learn about the Christian faith.

Messy Church

We run a messy church three times a year. Messy church is a church for families where we have fun activities and lively worship. We also have a facebook page

Away Day

Every year we have an away day that gives us a chance to talk about our faith together